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Our digital services are not solely focused on building mesmerizing websites. We can also prove valuable in building a creative and integrated approach to your online and mobile marketing initiatives. Those services include:

Pay-per-click (PPP)

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most convenient ways of directly attracting clients over the internet. However, this is easier said than done. In today’s increasingly competitive internet environment, only the savviest of advertising efforts thrive in luring traffic and generating revenue. Having a digital marketing agency that specializes in pay-per-click services is indeed a good investment that pays off.

Here at Single Grain, we tie together industry-leading strategies, regular testing processes and advertising optimization with our thorough and up-to-date research management program for the sole purpose of enhancing the performance and scale of your campaign. Our pay-per-click management team will set realistic milestone markers specific to client requirements under a certain budget and subsequently identify potential streams of revenue for the website.

Pay-per-click optimization yields the best results if it’s based on a list of targeted keywords. With our expert strategic planning and execution, our optimization project draws in traffic to your website and extends your reach into various lucrative markets through effective advertising mediums. Furthermore, our comprehensive analysis of industry competitors coupled with progressive geo-targeting & day-parting consultation, campaign tracking & monitoring and regular progress reporting, facilitates ad-creation, ROI measurements and most importantly determining new potential markets.

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Facebook Advertising

Let’s be clear on one thing first. Facebook isn’t just a platform for social interactions anymore. Overtime, it has become so expansive that besides crafting a perfectly social environment capable of bringing the entire world together, it has come to depict something much more powerful – an amalgamation of personal connections, news-reporting, gaming and the entire e-commerce industry.

An entrepreneur should remain mindful that Facebook data can be mined in order to potentially develop unparalleled business opportunities. Facebook’s ad-platform enables businesses to pull out relevant information from the data shared by 1-billion users and approximately 2-billion posts globally ‘Liked’ every day. Among numerous other Facebook targeting opportunities, Single Grain allows maneuverability in: user-age & gender, geographic locations, personal interests, education levels, top friends, person-to-person connections, relationship status, status updates and liked posts & pages.

Even though conventional pay-per-click advertising alone can effectively reach out to potential clients, converting them into paying customers, Facebook Ads can serve as even more powerful instruments of revenue generation. Evaluating Facebook’s audience through specific-targeted data can potentially capture a large customer-base in the blink of an eye.

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Video Advertising

An appropriate alternative to Facebook advertising is video advertising. It also equips your brand to cater to plentiful prospective avenues of rising demand. Video advertising proves to be instrumental in launching and marketing your new products meanwhile taking your advertising campaign leaps above elementary search advertising.

Single Grain’s obsession with ongoing optimization and ROI management distinctively positions us to maximize video advertising solutions beyond your wildest imagination. Our method is quite candid; reaching out to customers with just the right message. Our advertising campaign aims for demographic groups, online user behaviors, day-parting, geo-targeting, keyword targeting, interest targeting, contextual targeting and most importantly, YouTube channel targeting.

Our highly customized video advertising solutions are centered on the kind of audience you’re trying to captivate and how you want to go about it. In general, customized text ads, re-targeted videos, mobile video advertisements and sidebar display ads come in handy.

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Mobile Advertising

Factually, around 90% mobile searches bring about prospects of a potential transaction, whereas 50% of them result in purchase. Single Grain views mobile advertising as a thing of the future; something that businesses can’t afford to shirk aside as an afterthought for long. Since most of us are hooked to our phones daily, it provides enormous opportunity for businesses to up-their-game by stretching their leads and sales.

With no singular or universal procedure, mobile advertising generally takes on a customizable approach. One that adapts to the varying needs of clients and offers an array of ad-preferences mobile YouTube Ads, in-app ads, click-to-call promotions, click-to-download programs, product extension ads, video ads, mobile-search ads, site-link ads, image ads, instant preview ads and promotion code ads.

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Content Marketing

Websites are a collection of content, and content is a tool for advertising. Good content captures search-engine results and piques the interest of website visitors as well. However, content marketing is so much more than making blog-posts and sharing them over social profiles.

Single Grain’s content marketing campaign comprises of three discrete phases:

1) Content marketing increases traffic and provides data to keep future content releases even more successful.

2) Engaging the audience using contexts it usually best responds to. This database of repeated visitors keeps expanding even after the advertising campaign.

3) After building an audience, all that remains is to apply digital marketing techniques which convert content marketing into higher product sales and greater overall profitability.

Here’s what we offer at Single Grain: Content Analysis, competitive gap research, internal link development, maximal search-engine exposure and social promotion. Info-graphics wield immense power. They not only supplement a firm’s authority, but instill a strong online presence that dramatically stimulates brand awareness.

Single Grain’s high-quality info-graphic design helps drive traffic through social media and backlinks. The first step is to unearth the hot-button issues of customers and then craft info-graphics that will capture the audience’s attention. Once the audience is captured, initial research is carried out where data analysts probe the web for key points to support a chosen theme and ensure that info-graphics are non-erroneous as well as compelling to read. Next, designers map out the best layout for the final info-graphic output. All layouts are customized for optimum visual impact such that their designs are uniquely distinguishable from various info-graphic templates that exist online. Lastly, the wireframe is poured in with catchy images for the purpose of engaging the audience and retaining reader-attention. This enables the audience to sift through company info-graphics and become more aware of the brand name and logo.

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